3k and Climbing!

Don’t EVER forget to celebrate your goals! I know, it may seem silly. You stare at the ‘Big Picture’ and oh, it’s so daunting, isn’t it? “I want to write a BOOK!”, you scream at the mirror. You scratch and claw for each word, for each tiny paragraph that flows, (or some times is dragged), from your fingertips, that all too often, you forget to cheer when you hit the small goals.

So CELEBRATE! Shout it out! Why not? People might laugh? Who cares! You’re the one dong the thing, you’re the one writing that book, even if it’s just one tiny word at a time. YOU are DOING the THING! Bet you’re writing way more words than the haters, am I right?

3k+ words down for the day. Another Chapter on the books. Goal set, goal achieved. HURRAH!

How about you?

Write it out! Shout it out!

E.F. Folly

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