Characters and Music

When it comes to inspiration, what’s your poison? Music, art, other stories? We’ve all got that one thing that just sets us up in the Writing Mood, and it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Finding that groove, riding that groove until suddenly you’re staring at pages and pages of work. Glorious! Empowering! Mine has always been music. Sometimes I will just throw up a random song and let the suggestions take me where they will. This has led me to dozens of discoveries, new bands, new singers that I had no previous knowledge of, and I LOVE THEM!

More than that though, the inspiration available in music in endless. I’ve discovered quirks to a character that I never knew existed until I heard the right song. I’ve built playlists and ‘theme songs’ around specific characters and use them for both inspiration and breaking through those terrible moments of the dreaded writer’s block. Nothing like a good bass beat push to drive you through that wordless void, eh? I love it.

So what’s your method? Tell me! I want to hear what works for you! What rocks your world? What builds worlds on your paper and sagas in your head? Share!

Love and Inspiration Always,

E.F. Folly

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