Rainy Monday

When you work Third Shift, everything in life is bass ackwards, you feel me? You feel me. Here’s love to my fellow Vampires and other assorted Undead. We run the night, remember that.

I woke up to rain. Well, I went to bed with rain, but every night shifter knows what an absolute BLESSING rain is. No sun trying to sear its way past your blackout curtains, no birds chirping incessantly outside your window, no happy children screaming…. Nope, rain means, darkness, peace and quiet. It’s glorious, isn’t it?

Truthfully though, I woke up to the rain and breathed a little sigh of contentment, trudged downstairs to make my ‘morning’ coffee, and enjoyed the pitter patter outside with the company of my two demons… er… cats. It’s a good day for writing. It’s also a good day for resting. Which is what I’m doing now. Both, I suppose.

I’m extremely grateful to a dear friend of mine who came over this weekend and helped me square my Patreon away. He was able to raise a lot of questions and concerns that I may not have otherwise considered, (He’s way better at this whole Patreon thing than I am). He was also able to help me with some edits, for which I am eternally grateful. I think, as writers, finding and receiving the support we need, or getting the pep talks we need, those kicks in the ass to keep going, are far too rare, and so I cannot help but want to scream “THANK YOU!”

So here’s to YOU, you know who you are. Thank you for keeping my sorry behind motivated!

Much Love!


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