Into the Void…. Just Kidding!

“We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one.” -The Doctor

Good day and Welcome!

So here we are, within a couple of weeks of the launch of my Patreon site. There I will be posting Chapters of my new story for your enjoyment. I am both excited and nervous, as we all are when launching into something new, caught up in that thrill of adrenaline that comes before the plunge. But on to the good stuff!

What will I be offering?

First and foremost will be the story itself. Every month I will be release a new Chapter from my original story. This tale will no doubt evolve over time, but the end goal is to have a fully finished, edited and ready to print novel for you all. An “end game” reward to those who will follow me on this writing journey, will be a signed, physical copy of my book as a thank you for your support. There will be many other rewards as well, but we’ll get to those in time.

Along with the story, I will be offering additional insights; character sketches, concept art, deleted scenes, ‘what-if’ scenes and any other kind of writing fodder that simply did not make it past edits and into the final posting.

These enticements are just a bit of what is to come, as I will outline full benefits and rewards on my Patreon site at its launch. I will ensure that there is a full FAQ and, as always, if you have any questions, I will have methods to allow my readers to ask questions at any time. I certainly do not want to leave you with guesswork.

That’s all for today! I will update frequently to keep all of you lovely people informed as to my progress. Thank you for finding my site and my writing, and I look forward to telling this tale for you all!

Much love! E.F. Folly

The Darkness and The Light

One more day to go. One, single, swift day until I let my story go out into the world. I’m scared. I’m excited. Who am I kidding, I’m terrified. Do I think I’ll fail? Maybe, but not really. I think it’s more about placing this piece of my soul out there for everyone to see. Then again, that’s exactly the point, isn’t it? Taking chances, making gambles, being open and honest; it’s all scary as hell, but it’s that fear, that risk, which makes it all worth it in the end.

Lots has happened in the last few years. I rode the high of approval for a long time, feeling the praise of those closest to me, but then I was plunged into Darkness. The wrong things, said at the right time, words spoken, probably not with the intent to hurt, decisions made, and all that Light vanished, swallowed up by a void so big it seemed like I’d never escape.

I’ve been doing so much more than writing in preparation for this launch. I’ve done art for the first time in years. Years. I buried my skills. Hard won skills, I might add. I never had the luxury of fancy art schools, or the fortune to be surrounded by professionals when I was learning the things I know now. Every inch I gained was, and is, mine, no one else’s, and yeah, I’m proud of that fact. Everyone, everywhere, who has worked hard for what they have should never, ever be afraid to be proud of their gifts, of the results of all that hard work. There’s a huge difference between legitimate pride in one’s efforts and shallow arrogance. Never, never ever forget that fact. Be proud of all that you do.

I have to remind myself of that some times too, so I take joy in reminding you all of that fact as well. Take pride in your efforts. Always.

It’s been cathartic. I’ve let things go, I’ve used them, I’ve fueled a fire that was nearly snuffed out with the very things that tried to do the snuffing. So take it, take it all, the pain, rejections, mockery, whatever it is that you’ve suffered and turn it all into fuel. Make it work for you, instead of against you.

It’s like the song says, “Some times Darkness can show you the Light”.

Burn brightly, my friends. Burn brightly.


Two Days Till Launch!

Well, here we are…

Just two days to go and I am equal parts excited and nervous.

On March 1st I will launch my Official Patreon account, and I am THRILLED! I cannot wait to share my story with the world. I look forward to your thoughts, and to everything that is to come on this journey. It’s been a long time coming; far, far too long some might say, but it is finally happening and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Please check out my Patreon! There you will find fully detailed lists of all subscription benefits, with tiers built for any and everyone.

First and foremost I will be posting monthly chapters and original artworks pertaining to the story, but there is much, much more to discover! Please feel free to contact me with questions at any time!

Two more days. Two.

See you soon!


Rainy Monday

When you work Third Shift, everything in life is bass ackwards, you feel me? You feel me. Here’s love to my fellow Vampires and other assorted Undead. We run the night, remember that.

I woke up to rain. Well, I went to bed with rain, but every night shifter knows what an absolute BLESSING rain is. No sun trying to sear its way past your blackout curtains, no birds chirping incessantly outside your window, no happy children screaming…. Nope, rain means, darkness, peace and quiet. It’s glorious, isn’t it?

Truthfully though, I woke up to the rain and breathed a little sigh of contentment, trudged downstairs to make my ‘morning’ coffee, and enjoyed the pitter patter outside with the company of my two demons… er… cats. It’s a good day for writing. It’s also a good day for resting. Which is what I’m doing now. Both, I suppose.

I’m extremely grateful to a dear friend of mine who came over this weekend and helped me square my Patreon away. He was able to raise a lot of questions and concerns that I may not have otherwise considered, (He’s way better at this whole Patreon thing than I am). He was also able to help me with some edits, for which I am eternally grateful. I think, as writers, finding and receiving the support we need, or getting the pep talks we need, those kicks in the ass to keep going, are far too rare, and so I cannot help but want to scream “THANK YOU!”

So here’s to YOU, you know who you are. Thank you for keeping my sorry behind motivated!

Much Love!


3k and Climbing!

Don’t EVER forget to celebrate your goals! I know, it may seem silly. You stare at the ‘Big Picture’ and oh, it’s so daunting, isn’t it? “I want to write a BOOK!”, you scream at the mirror. You scratch and claw for each word, for each tiny paragraph that flows, (or some times is dragged), from your fingertips, that all too often, you forget to cheer when you hit the small goals.

So CELEBRATE! Shout it out! Why not? People might laugh? Who cares! You’re the one dong the thing, you’re the one writing that book, even if it’s just one tiny word at a time. YOU are DOING the THING! Bet you’re writing way more words than the haters, am I right?

3k+ words down for the day. Another Chapter on the books. Goal set, goal achieved. HURRAH!

How about you?

Write it out! Shout it out!

E.F. Folly

Characters and Music

When it comes to inspiration, what’s your poison? Music, art, other stories? We’ve all got that one thing that just sets us up in the Writing Mood, and it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Finding that groove, riding that groove until suddenly you’re staring at pages and pages of work. Glorious! Empowering! Mine has always been music. Sometimes I will just throw up a random song and let the suggestions take me where they will. This has led me to dozens of discoveries, new bands, new singers that I had no previous knowledge of, and I LOVE THEM!

More than that though, the inspiration available in music in endless. I’ve discovered quirks to a character that I never knew existed until I heard the right song. I’ve built playlists and ‘theme songs’ around specific characters and use them for both inspiration and breaking through those terrible moments of the dreaded writer’s block. Nothing like a good bass beat push to drive you through that wordless void, eh? I love it.

So what’s your method? Tell me! I want to hear what works for you! What rocks your world? What builds worlds on your paper and sagas in your head? Share!

Love and Inspiration Always,

E.F. Folly

Who am I?

Who are any of us really? In all seriousness, I am a writer and artist working and living in the United States. It has been my dream, for years upon years, to write a book, to publish something that people can enjoy again and again, something that they can share with their friends and experience fond memories over. Isn’t that always the dream?

But now it’s time to take the first steps and make that dream a reality.

There is never a simple answer to the question, “Who am I?”. It’s a question that we ask ourselves, or is asked of us, thousands of times over the course of our lives, and most of the time, the answer is always different. Who we are is an ever-changing thing, and well it should be. Without change, we lack so much, and inspiration can grow stagnant.

Who I am has been many things; parent, veteran, clergy, fantasy/sci-fi nerd, but at the core of it all, one thing has remained constant, my desire to create. And so I pour out that desire for you all now, in the form of stories and art that I hope you all enjoy as much as I do.

Love always!

E.F. Folly