Official Patreon Launch!

Today is the Day!! My Patreon has OFFICIALLY launched! Come and read my story! Enjoy my art! I am so eager to share this with you! Thank you so much for joining me! Feedback is appreciated and encouraged! I can be reached through many means, here on Facebook, on Twitter and on my Patreon site.Continue reading “Official Patreon Launch!”

The Darkness and The Light

One more day to go. One, single, swift day until I let my story go out into the world. I’m scared. I’m excited. Who am I kidding, I’m terrified. Do I think I’ll fail? Maybe, but not really. I think it’s more about placing this piece of my soul out there for everyone to see.Continue reading “The Darkness and The Light”

3k and Climbing!

Don’t EVER forget to celebrate your goals! I know, it may seem silly. You stare at the ‘Big Picture’ and oh, it’s so daunting, isn’t it? “I want to write a BOOK!”, you scream at the mirror. You scratch and claw for each word, for each tiny paragraph that flows, (or some times is dragged),Continue reading “3k and Climbing!”

Characters and Music

When it comes to inspiration, what’s your poison? Music, art, other stories? We’ve all got that one thing that just sets us up in the Writing Mood, and it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Finding that groove, riding that groove until suddenly you’re staring at pages and pages of work. Glorious! Empowering! Mine has always been music.Continue reading “Characters and Music”